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LA1 Fuel Tank Level Alarm
ICS has just developed the LA1 level alarm to fulfill the requirement for above ground tank overfill prevention. Available in 2 or 4 channels, the LA1 is more durable and has more features than competing models.


LA1 Probes
LA1 Tank probes are 100% stainless steel.Several lengths and models are available for different applications


LA1 Probes   

  LA1 AC Power Supply


The AC Power supply allows the LA1 overfill alarm to operate on AC power while remaining intrinsically safe. The batteries will act as backups in the event of AC power failure. There are also 4 outputs whch can be used to control valves or an external annunciator.


LA1 Power Barrier
 LA1 External Annunciator
The LA1 External annunciator is a very loud alarm siren (119dB), coupled with a bright xenon flashing red beacon to indicate an alarm condition. It can be used wtih the LA1 AC Power supply above to expand the capabilities of the LA1 overfill alarm system.
LA1 Annunciator
SD1 Safety Disconnect
 The SD1 monitors fluid level in a dispenser or submersible pump sump and disconnects power in the event of a leak.


SD1C Components  
LA1 Alarm Acknowledgement Switch
The Acknowledgement Switch allows the operator to silence an alarm condition and test the annunciator before filling the tank. Compatible with nearly any tank alarm or tank monitor system. 

DS1 Module 


ES1 Emergency Stop Switch
 An emergency stop switch is required by electrical code to shut off all fueling operations in the event of an emergency.  (NFPA 30a, CH4, Section 4-1.2)




SS1 Surge Suppressor / Power Line Filter
 The SS1 Surge Suppressor was designed specifically for petroleum equipment applications. It contains 7 stages of surge suppression and power line filtering to block spikes and only allow smooth continuous power to the equipment.


SS1 no cover
CSR1 Current Sensing Relay
The CSR1 Senses AC current flowing to a load. When the current exceeds 1/2 Amp, a normally open output is closed. Use the CSR1 to provide a handle switch signal to a console or card system when the pump has no handle switch contacts.


RC1 Noise Suppressor
The RC1 Noise Suppressor is designed to eliminate electrical noise caused by switching of inductive loads such as motors, contactors, or solenoid valves. Install one RC1 accross each coil to reduce noise.